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What iAmRobos does?

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Web-spam team, on his blog once gave you a tip about how they analyse webpages for ranking them on google. The system was in the development stages then, some 6-7 years back. Its live now. It involved a human like analysis of webpages. Like a real reader.

Their basic idea was to pick a "well written quality" article, on a real paper, and highlight the keywords in that article. Stick the paper on a wall and move back. Now the only thing you'll see is the highlighted text. They did this with a lot of articles, and finally came up with a program that can do this on webpages, yours, mine, our competition.
The program would simply reject a paper that has too much highlighting. Makes sense. That is too much keyword stuffing, or as google knows it, keyword spam...
It'd also reject a paper that has too less highlighting. Makes sense again.
In both the cases, either the webpage is over-stuffed, or does not have enough content to list in google search results.
And its not even about over-under-stuffing. Its about judging the "quality" of content, based on "how quality content looks like."

How do you use this information to get your webpages ranked better in google search results?

This is where iAmRobos comes in!

  • Enter the URL of the webpage below that ranks on top in google search for a given keyword.
  • Enter the keyword you used in google search, exact keyword.
  • iAmRobos shows you the highlighted paper as google saw it!!!

Now all you have to do is compare your webpage with this image iAmRobos showed you for the top google results, and match the look of your webpage with those toppers!
Basically, have your keywords at the same "point" where your competition has it, and almost the same amount.

Gradually, all the top search engines aroun the world are moving away from "link counting" because of the growing link spam on the web.
They are developing sophisticated algorithms, programs to analyse webpages, much like a human would do.
This iAmRobos tool helps you do just that, and its free!
Remove the guess work from your SEO. See what google algo saw and ranked some webpage on number one, and others on number 50...